Join us!

To be an Ekokleaner,

is to discover the freedom of flexible working!

Why becoming an Ekokleaner?  

You get paid $25 /hour

You work as a self-employed worker and you are paid within 48 hours.

You work when you want

You define your pace of work: you are free to accept or decline the assignments offered on the app.

Your job follows you!

You work in your city and where you are. No need to choose between your job and your vacation anymore.

You join a community

You join the Ekokleaners community to exchange with each other. Respect the rules of the community.

How does it work exactly?

You register in a few clicks to be able to work. It’s very simple, we’ll guide you step by step!

You receive assignments by email or notifications, to work for customers, in Airbnb accommodation or in offices.

You carry out your mission at the customer’s, respecting the requested quality requirements. All instructions are available on the app.

You are paid a few days after your mission directly on your Bank account.

How to register in 4 steps?

1. Create your profile

profil ekokleaner

You create your account in a few seconds directly online (website or mobile app’) by indicating: your name, first name and email address.

Don’t forget to validate the confirmation email you receive (check your spam emails).

2. Submit your documents

You don’t need any specific experience, but you must provide:


  • An identity document: your passport or your citizenship card

  • A good quality ID photo so the customer can recognize you!

  • Your work permit or permanent residence card (for non-Canadian people).

  • Your civil liability insurance certificate. It is included in your home insurance.

  • Your NEQ and your GST and QST numbers if you are incorporated and you recover the taxes.

3. Create your STRIPE account

Create your STRIPE account to receive payment from customers. Then, validate on the button “submit my registration”.

You can use the same account if you have other professional activities.


Find the procedure to follow by clicking here.

After these 2 steps, your registration is submitted.

Then, you will receive an email inviting you to participate in an online training.

4. Validate an online training

This training takes place online. It is free but compulsory.

It will explain the golden rules of the household and the posture to adopt in order to guarantee a “five-star” experience for customers. Several modules will be offered to you for:


  • Know the key concepts of home cleaning, especially safety
  • Learn the basic principles of cleaning, the products to use and the organization of tasks
  • Develop the posture and integrate the values of the company
  • Learn the right reflexes to adopt to respond as effectively as possible to customers’ expectations.

Receive your first missions!

Once the training is validated, you can finally receive assignments to work according to your availability and your sector!

The community charter reminds you of the 5 golden rules of the Ekokleaner.

Work with peace of mind… your assignments are covered by Ekoklean On Demand civil liability insurance (in the event of incidents at the customer’s premises, for example).

You can contact us through the app’s internal messaging at any time!