Ekoklean On Demand Community Charter 

We want Ekoklean On Demand to be a fun and safe community for everyone. The Ekoklean On Demand Community Charter has been designed to ensure that retail customers and Ekokleaners have a five-star experience when using the EkokleanOnDemand app. 

Customers are individuals who book a cleaning service at home, for their business or for their rental accommodation. 

Ekokleaners are self-employee to whom Ekoklean On Demand offers customers assignments with a range of services. 

The 5 Golden Rules of an Ekokleaner 

The list below is not exhaustive, but includes principles that may result in (temporary) suspension or (permanent) deactivation of your account. This charter is supplemented by the General Conditions of Use of the Ekoklean On Demand France platform. 

1. Ensure a quality service

  • Respect the instructions expressed by the customer when booking a service.
  • Once the mission has started, always finish it in order to ensure a quality service.

2. Remain professional in all circumstances 

  • Keep calm and cool with customer.
  • Never divulge the address and photos or videos from inside customers. 

3. Never contact a client after an assignment

4. Never let another person use your account and never be replaced

  • Do not let anyone use your Ekokleaner account.
  • Do not let anyone replace you on an accepted assignment neither.

5. Respect the customer‘s property 

  • Prohibition of theft
  • Prohibition to generate damage and / or vandalism 

Management of incidents declared by the customer 

The return of a customer on a violation of one of these golden rules can lead, in rare cases, to a preventive suspension of an Ekokleaner’s account. After collecting information from the customer and the Ekokleaner and investigating the situation, the account can be reactivated or deactivated from the Ekoklean On Demand platform.  

In addition, in the event of an incident with a customer or in the event of an incident on arrival or departure, the Ekokleaner must declare an incident with proof photos, during the check-in/out directly on the application. 

If you have any questions or encounter a difficulty, the Ekoklean On Demand team is at your disposal at contact@ekokleanondemand.ca