Frequently asqued questions
from Ekokleaners

How to become an Ekokleaner?

First, watch the short video to know all the information on the Ekokleaner status:

To become an Ekokleaner you have to follow the 4 steps.

  1. Register on our site or cell phone application
  2. Submit your documents and validate your application
  3. Create your STRIPE account from the EkokleanOnDemand app
  4. Validate online training

The details are in the following questions.

How to register or apply online?

Create your profile directly via our site on the “become Ekokleaner” tab or download our app on Android or AppleStore.

If you have any questions you can contact us by email or in-app messaging.

You will need to provide the following supporting documents:

  • Identity document or passport
  • For non-Canadians: work permit
  • Profile photo, so that the customer recognizes you
  • RC insurance certificate: it is included in your home insurance

If you are incorporated you will have to provide in addition:

  • Your NEQ
  • Your GST number
  • Your QST number

Once you have submitted your application, do not forget to validate the confirmation email you receive (always check your spam folder).

How to declare your income?

All self-employed workers must declare their income on their annual tax return.

  • You download from the application in the “Invoices” tab your invoices issued by Ekoklean On Demand to customers, on your behalf.
  • You will also find on this tab the commission invoices issued by Ekoklean On Demand
  • You declare to taxes the difference between the invoices issued to customers less the Ekoklean On Demand invoices
How to register on STRIPE to receive compensation?

Your STRIPE account will allow you to receive payment for missions carried out with customers. This service is free. You can use this same account for your other professional activities, if you have any.

Find the guide to creating your stripe account at:

How to validate your online training?

This etraining, is free but compulsory, will explain the golden rules of cleaning and the posture to adopt in order to guarantee a “five-star” experience for customers. In this logic, a community charter has also been designed.

  • Participate in a very rewarding online training
  • This e-training is completely FREE
  • But COMPULSORY to intervene as Ekokleaner

We will explain to you the golden rules of cleaning and the posture to adopt in order to guarantee a “five-star” experience for customers.

Are we insured during missions with clients?

You are covered by your Civil Liability included in your home insurance. Be careful if you are incorporated, you have the obligation to take a Professional insurance for your company.

If you do not have home insurance and you are not incorporated, then it is Ekoklean On Demand’s insurance that covers your actions with the client in the event of a material problem.

I am incorporated can I apply?

No worries, if you are self-employed or have incorporated your company, you can apply by specifying:

  • Your NEQ
  • Your GST number
  • Your QST number

In this case, do not forget to pay your taxes to “Revenu Québec”. Remember to declare the sales taxes minus the taxes of the commission invoices issued by Ekoklean On Demand.

Ekoklean On Demand only allows registrations of self-employed workers and does not allow the registration of other subcontracted companies.