Frequently Asked Questions
from our business clients

What are the reservation deadlines?

For office or store cleaning services, you can book online 72 hours in advance. An Ekoklena On Demand employee will validate with you the time required and the organization of access to your premises. 

For an event maintenance service, you can book a week in advance. We will contact you to refine your need. 

Are the products included?

Yes, we provide the equipment and the ecological products necessary for the proper performance of the services. These are stored on your premises for recurring assignments. 

We don’t provide consumables such as hand or toilet paper, garbage bags, dish soap, etc. 

How is billing done?

The invoice for all your services is automatically published at the end of each month. You receive it by email. Your invoices are stored in your customer area in the “invoices” tab. 

You can pay directly online by credit card from your customer area. It is also possible to pay by bank transfer or interac, our bank details are indicated on the invoice. 

Invoices are payable upon receipt. 

Do I have to be here during the mission?

It is always interesting to be present at the start of the mission, this allows you to give the last instructions to the Ekokleaner. 

You also have the possibility of communicating with the Ekokleaner via the internal messaging of our Ekoklean On Demand application before or after a service. 

What are the tasks performed?

We formalize with you a specific tasks list, to be carried out during visits. This “CheckList” is sent to the Ekokleaner and displayed on your premises. 

You always have the possibility of communicating a particular request for several services via your customer area. 

We do not provide window cleaning, but can put you in touch with one of our partners. 

How can I be sure that the mission is well carried out?

After each passage, you receive an email and a reminder notification, you are also invited to evaluate the service. 

You also receive a statement of consumable products (hand or toilet paper, dish soap, garbage bags, etc.) so that you can manage your stocks.