If booking cleaning services
became a militant act?


Offices, stores or events cleanings.

Ethical and ecological. In a few clicks.

Yes for a cleaner and fairer world!

Together, we can provide decent working conditions for housekeepers. It is no longer possible to tolerate that these people are poorly paid, have precarious contracts and unworthy working conditions. That’s why we decided to get involved!  

At Ekoklean On Demand, all “Ekokleaners” work days, have decent hours and receive 20% higher compensation, or $25 per hour. They must pass a demanding and mandatory training in housekeeping techniques.  

To reduce our environmental impact, we have set up a geolocation service: when you order a housekeeping service, the application puts you in touch with the Ekokleaners closest to you. One way to reduce travel greenhouse gas emissions. 

Our prices include equipment and Canadian ecological products. These products preserve the health of Ekokleaners, yours and that of the Planet! 


Complete your information in few minutes and discover the price of your cleaning! It is without commitment and without subscription. 

Our rates: 31$/h+tx for regular services and 35$/h+tx for occasional services. 



Let the magic of the Ekokleaners work, providing quality housekeeping according to your needs. 

No problem, the equipment and products stay with you and are provided by us.

Pay online

Through your client area on the Ekoklean On Demand website or application, you can pay online by credit card or make a transfer. 

Invoicing is monthly and payable upon receipt.


After the mission, you will be invited to evaluate the service. 

For regular services, it’s the same Ekokleaner each time. 

If its’ not possible, we ensure the replacement and the visit of your premises. 

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