Ecological and 100% made in Quebec products

Our cleaning kit is a concentrate of the best sustainable products on the market, to allow our Ekokleaners to practice their professional know-how while respecting the environment. Our entire product range are certified eco-friendly and 100% Québec through our partnership with PLANETTE, a Laval-based company.

Cleaning kit – 32$:

  • All-purpose cleaner 1L: Our all-purpose cleaner is the eco-friendly housecleaning product that will follow you around the house. Its use makes it possible to eliminate bacteria and enjoy a smell of freshness. Our natural and organic all-purpose cleaner based on Marseille soap is everyone’s favorite. Its smell and efficiency will make your cleaning routine more enjoyable.
  • Floor cleaner: Our floor cleaner is the perfect eco-friendly multi-surface cleanser to mop all waterproof surfaces and can be used as gentle cleanser to wash the car or walls and ceiling. Our natural and organic floor cleaner based on Marseille soap is a concentrate for solution. You only need from 15ml to 30ml by water bucket.
  •  Cleansing cream 250ml: Our cleansing cream is the ideal product to remove grease and dirt stains. It is basically, a magic eraser in liquid format. Our natural and eco-friendly cleansing cream based on Marseille soap is a 2 in 1: cleaner and degreaser. This cleaning product is ideal for the bath and sinks. Its degreasing power makes it possible to remove traces of soap residue and tenacious dirt. Our products are natural so do not be surprised by the beige tint of our cream, as white clay has been chemically transformed to have this colour.

You can order the cleaning products separately on our partners website.